###[__Home__](index.html) : [__News__](news.html) : [__HRMAn2.0__](hrman2.html) : [__Sample data__](sample_data.html) : [__Downloads__](downloads.html) : [__Tutorials__](tutorials.html) : [__About us__](About_us.html) ![HRMAn](img/logo.png "HRMAn") ### HRMAn HRMAn enables you to automatically analyse parameters of host-pathogen interaction derived from immunofluorescent experiments. HRMAn is a custom-built open-source analysis solution based on KNIME. We have developed HRMAn using *Toxoplasma gondii* and *Salmonella typhimurium* as proof of principle pathogens and we are planning to further expand the analysis software to work with more intracellular pathogens. HRMAn analyses host killing of the pathogen, pathogen replication and host defence protein recognition of the pathogen. As input, HRMAn can work with multiple images from high content image microscopes, as well as semi-automatic or manually acquired images from literally any fluorescence imaging platform. We are interested in further expanding HRMAn’s capabilities to other intracellular bacterial, parasitic or fungal pathogens. If you want to use HRMAn and need our input, we are open to collaborate. If you are unable to use HRMAn with your imaging platform, we are also happy to help in resolving these issues. Please [contact](About_us.html) us to discuss aims and/ or problems. __HRMAn__ - Host Response to Microbe Analysis. The project is developing rapidly, stay tuned.

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